Covid-19 Information

27 March 2020

In accordance with the President’s speech, our offices will be in lockdown and our staff will be working remotely from home.

Most of the MCI team have been working remotely since 18 March 2020, and the rest will be working remotely as of 26 March 2020 until 16 April 2020.

Due to our ability to work online, we can ensure our continued support services to our clients. Team members working on development projects will also continue to do so, and will try to ensure on-time delivery as far as possible.

We can also be contacted via e-mail or telephonically, either by dialling the office number or contacting us directly on our mobile phones if necessary.

We have confirmed with the Information Technology Association of South Africa that the current regulations around the Covid-19 Lockdown give sufficient authorization to IT companies to get essential staff members the necessary permits to operate under the lockdown. This was also confirmed on the industry call yesterday with the Ministry of Communications and Digital Technologies. This will be done as follows:

The Regulations define “essential services” and “essential goods” and list these in an Annexure. Annexure B sets out categories of essential services, which includes:

  • “13. Newspaper, broadcasting and telecommunication infrastructure and services.”

It is also worth remembering that telecommunications services (which includes data centres) are an essential input into most of the other listed essential services.

The regulations further state that: An “institution” providing an essential service must do the following:

  • The “head of the institution” (CEO or equivalent level) must determine essential services to be performed by his or her institution and must determine the essential staff who will perform these services.
  • These essential staff must be issued with a permit by the head of the institution in a form similar to the one provided in the Regulations.

We have already identified critical staff members. They have been instructed to notify me directly should they not be able to provide services remotely and are required on-site. I will then issue them with the required permit so that they can travel to the client site.

They have also been requested to continue to comply with all health and safety regulations legislation regarding COVID-19, including keeping the required distance between people and sanitizing their equipment and hands regularly.

We trust that these measures will provide the necessary assurance that we will continue to provide the same level of support and services to our clients.

The next couple of weeks are going to be tough for everyone. Stay safe, stay home, and hopefully we will all emerge stronger!